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* Disposable.
* With nose clamp.
* White and blue.
* Packed in box of 50 pieces and on header for retail.
* Widely applicable to food processing, food packaging, electronics, pharmaceuticals,
  hospitals, public utilities and beauty parlours.

High filtration mask  
Non-woven lab coat  
Non-toxic pre-form mask  
Non-woven Caps/Mob caps/Peaked Caps  
CPE Shoe Covers  
Garbage Bags  
Cotton Knitted Gloves  
Gloves on Paper  
C-keyback Series  
Shower Caps  
Veterinary gloves  
Wooden Tongue Depressors/Wooden Cervical Spatulas  
Non-woven Shoe-covers  
CPE Mattress Covers  
Cotton Tipped Applicators  
Non-woven beard covers  
Non-woven Isolation Gowns  
Boot Covers  
Light weight paper face mask  
Non-woven Coverall